She is voiced by Laura Bailey, who also voices Maka Albarn and Tokine Yukimura. Objective 60: Speak to the Moth Priest. Note that playing as a Dawnguard member does not mean you can never become a Vampire Lord. Image Courtesy: Bethesda. Affiliation of Faction: The Rift Services: Follower, Bride, Joining the Blades. Fort Dawnguard Fort Dawnguard was originally built as a prison for the vampire son of an ancient Jarl of Riften. After this mission, Serana can be found either in Fort Dawnguard or Volkihar Keep, depending on the faction you choose. Serana is the deuteragonist of Dawnguard, the first official expansion pack of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Owe when Serana approach's you on the bridge three lines of dialog well be on her, choose are you ok and avoid any early dialog about her vampire or have you thought of curing yourself, leave that tell the main quests for dawnguard is done and harkon is dead and your at fort dawnguard Edited by sinnerman69, 03 September 2012 - 12:43 PM. 200: After the Moth Priest's reading, we have more questions than answers. 3. Fort Dawnguard is a large fort southeast of Riften which serves as the Dawnguard's base of operations. Serana is an ancient pure-blood vampire and the daughter of Lord Harkon, leader of the Volkihar vampires and the main antagonist of Dawnguard. Serana and Sorine (Fort Dawnguard NPC) should have some unique conversations now, starting once Serana first joins the Dawnguard during the "Prophet" quest. She blew me off and told me to never talk about it again, no matter what options I chose. Whlie doing the quest, 'Beyond Death' (I choose to split my soul) Serena dissapeared. I was wandering around the Soul Cairn, when I realised that she was no longer there. During this conversation, if you ask her if she has ever thought about getting cured, she will refer to her condition as a gift, insisting that she will never seek a cure for it. while she is a follower. Don’t forget to save your game before you open the conversation menu in which you ask her to be cured. Then wait 3 days - game and she will be back to Fort Dawnguard cured from vampirism. This king was unable to kill his son but was determined to suppress the shame of his disease and keep his hold safe by imprisoning his son in this extensive mountain stronghold with the best mercenary fighters available. Mjoll The Lioness. † The alchemy lab, arcane enchanter, and forge are not initially present in the fort, but added during restorations to the fort just before the Prophet quest ends. With the Moth Priest safely back at Fort Dawnguard, he can now read Serana's Elder Scroll and learn more about the prophecy that Harkon is hoping to use to gain power over the sun. After the main questline, and after you’ve tired of Fort Dawnguard, just ask Serana to turn you. Page 1 of 3 - [Dawnguard - Spoiler]Curing Serana's Vampirism (Request) - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: After completing the Dawnguard storyline and slaying Harkon, I asked Serana if she wanted to cure herself. Sticking with the Dawnguard-side NPCs for now, this first implementation should highlight my design philosophy for future NPC interactions. Also, if for any reason you asked her before the same question, YOU WILL NEVER get her to … ... Fort Dawnguard was originally built during the second era to keep the Rift Jarl's son prisoner. 6 The Dawnguard Is Rude Towards Serana. "After Serana brings her scroll to Fort Dawnguard, you ask her "Have you always been a vampire?" 1 Serana is one of the only vampires that has ever tried to aid the Dawnguard, and she is treated horribly by the Dawnguard during the DLC.

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