Definition of infer to make a guess based on evidence and reasoning Examples of infer in a sentence Based on satellite images, we can infer with a degree of certainty that Japan is about to launch an attack. eddy correlation techniques to measure turbulent fluxes or measurement of mean profiles to infer turbulent transport. As they discuss, tell students to use the prompts and sentence stems to make an inference about the characters in the picture. I am inferring that you didn't understand that definition. How to use inference in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word inference? 12 examples: Section 2 presents the fundamental elements of some possible inference rules… 4. Answer Save. Inference: My neighbor is not very considerate (and not actually fantastic) because he didn't take his time writing the poem. Inferring just means coming up with information based on evidence instead of directly. Sentence example with the word 'infer' infer allegorize, collect, deem, entail, generalize, imply, let be, prefigure, reason that, syllogize, theorize Definition v. reason by deduction Last update: February 12, 2017. When we make inferences while reading, we are using the evidence that is available in the text to draw a logical conclusion. Find more ways to say inferring, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sentence Examples. The inferring list of example sentences with inferring. How to use inference in a sentence. definitions. Need to translate "INFERENCE" from german and use correctly in a sentence? Relevance. The writer or speaker does not come out and state the answer to the question that we are asking of the text-rather, we have to use the evidence that is there to make an informed statement to answer whatever question we are asking. What do you infer from her refusal? inferring in a sentence - 7 Lists. Usage Note: Infer is sometimes confused with imply, but the distinction careful writers make between these words is a useful one. "Which of the following sentences would the author most likely use to add additional support to paragraph three?" Learn more. Favourite answer "When you say you are not sure about us, what are you inferring?" But these days there is no inference about it at all. When we say that a speaker or sentence implies something, we mean that it is conveyed or suggested without being stated outright: When the mayor said that she would not rule out a business tax increase, she implied (not inferred) that some taxes might be raised. ‘In other words, it must be possible to infer a common intention to be bound by a contract which has legal effect.’ ‘It is, apparently, now possible to infer the colour of a person's skin from their typing.’ ‘In the first place it is possible to infer a certain topicality in the discourse.’ Give them time to study the image, then instruct them to discuss it with a partner. examples "Are you inferring there's something wrong?" infer in a sentence Example Sentences for "infer" You can make several inferences about the mental state of the author at the time of writing by examining the following passages. 54 This processing, which is relatively complicated in the case of the complex inference sentences, can also produce role- and name-mapping. 9 years ago. For example, "The boat started drifting away from the dock." Examples of how to use “statistical inference” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs how can you put the word inferring in a sentence? inferring / examples. Any one can infer a connection between pan chewing and mouth cancer. 4 Answers. The inference was that at some time or other he had left his mark on the police. B.C.) Reduction to Propositional Inference 9 Claim: a ground sentence ∗is entailed by new KB iff entailed by original KB Claim: every FOL KB can be propositionalized so as to preserve entailment Idea: propositionalize KB and query, apply resolution, return result Problem: with function symbols, there are infinitely many ground terms, e.g., Father(Father(Father(John))) Theorem: Herbrand (1930). Lv 4. Example sentences with the word inferring. How to use inferring in a sentence. Meaning of inferring. It's difficult to see inference in a sentence . ; The inference seemed to be that those owners dwelt beyond or within the mountain. How to use inferring in a sentence. B J Bee. Jul 18, 2013 - A collection of ten pages, each with a different sentence from which students will infer. We should infer that the tables in the document were all approved by the company. antonyms. inferring example sentences. I am inferring that you don't know how to use the word 'inferring' in a sentence. Menu. Step 2: Trust the Passage . A man ran after a retreating bus, waving his briefcase frantically. Dictionary ... You can infer the meaning of the word from the context of the rest of the sentence. How to use inferring in a sentence. The inference was clearly to other teams under the Yankee umbrella. Menu. 3. Inferring is defined as the process of figuring something out through reasoning. Definition of inferring in the dictionary. What does infer mean? Study vocabulary in context. Log in to reply to the answers Post; petrin. 4. There is a covert inference, a suggestion in fact, that there is a better way of speaking about this experience. He can logically infer that if the battery is dead then the horn wi Information and translations of inferring in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … ; The aforesaid shallow pantheism is an equally obvious inference from this shallow identity. It is difficult to infer anything from such scanty evidence. Here are many translated example sentences containing "INFERENCE" - german-english … make an inference in a sentence - Use "make an inference" in a sentence 1. Lv 6. … 4. Show students several pictures that lend themselves to making inferences is a great way to get students to use their inferring skills. Another word for inferring. Inference definition is - something that is inferred; especially : a conclusion or opinion that is formed because of known facts or evidence. 9. You have to infer from the context of the sentence whether or not there is a Log in. Examples of possible inference in a sentence, how to use it. What does inferring mean? Inferred In A Sentence. Students infer what they think will happen next, in writing, and with a picture. 0 1 0. (verb) Dictionary ! Inference: If she died, I wouldn’t go to her funeral. 55 Implication is an indirect way of conveying one's own meaning; inference is a process of discovering a fact outside oneself. Infer definition is - to derive as a conclusion from facts or premises. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Careful journalists never infer such impropriety.. Example sentences for: infer How can you use “infer” in a sentence? ; But from the undisputed existence of patria potestas no similar inference can be drawn. How to use infer in a sentence. "No, I believe you're inferring it" "What you're inferring is You know what?" Dictionary ! 2. One distinction between the two approaches is that ORTHOSTRAPPER's orthology determination procedure does not employ a species tree for duplication inference; it uses a heuristic based on sequence similarity rather than a formally correct phylogenetic means of inferring orthology. By inference, suicide was an extreme case of this, and the language barely distinguishes between self-murder and murder of kindred. Inference: Jake almost wished that he hadn’t listened to the radio. An easy way to first introduce inferring is to use pictures. 56 One inescapable inference from these numbers is that some of the 620 persons executed were innocent. 114+6 sentence examples: 1. b, 53-60, and we may infer that the'town of Iguvium was independent but in fear of the Etruscans at the time when the curse was first composed. "When he mentioned the secret, he was inferring that I knew what it was." You may infer from his remarks the implications. “I can’t wait to get back to Maine,” says John as he packs his life jacket and fishing tackle. synonyms. Inferring definition: → infer | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 2. 2. infer vs. imply Synonym Discussion of infer. Sentences Quotes Reference Spanish Word Finder 4 Pics 1 Word Answers; Anagram Solver ... You can infer the main character is a teenage girl because of the word “her” and the fact that she’s in high school where kids are usually 14 to 18 years old. Morse grudgingly allowed that I was free to make that inference. Here are some examples. Display the worksheet Sentence Stems for Making Inferences and review the sentence stems with the class. Universal Instantiation (UI): In this, we can infer any sentence by substituting a ground term (a term without variables) for the variables. The record raises an inescapable inference that somebody else was involved. "I don't think there's any solid research that supports that; however, you can make an inference that the sound is better to the child's ear than hip-hop. To conclude from evidence or by reasoning. Many of the sentences have audio, too. inferring definition: 1. present participle of infer formal 2. present participle of infer formal. 4 years ago. Can he infer what should be made explicit? Direct students' attention to the picture of two children.

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