I killed Hilda before in riverwood, because she stabbed me. I forgot about her death so I just carried on and now I’m level 35, I bought a house in Whiterun and when I went to the housecarl’s room I saw her dead on the floor. User Info: SilverIce58 SilverIce58 5 months ago 2 16. 2. i went to look for her body but it’s not there anymore, when i got married in Riften her dead body was in the temple of mara and i was like duhfuq?i left her body there, then i came back to the temple to see if she was there but she was gone again! Now when I go back to Breezehome, I find that she isn't there. I accidentally killed Stenvar who was also my husband and now I can’t get remarried. ), Thanks….. (Only if you do not own a house. https://twitter.com/#!/Yoda_of_Soda If you didn't buy the house, I suppose she should be where you found her first, being in Dragonsreach near the front door. So i went back couldn’t find her, went to whiterun, and the undead hall. falkreath or whiterun? ?I reload, and do that whole process again, but this time take her to the island with me, and tell her to wait at THAT port. Just like other followers, Lydia can die if she does not get the opportunity to heal herself when knocked down. I found Lydia, she got stuck in broken oar grotto after I did the lights out quest, so I killed her. Did she enter a black hole?!? In fact it makes all your regular housecarls female. Omg so apparently i lost lydia at some point, i checked the hall of the dead, she isnt there. Start the quest in the Companions area of white run. 2. thanks! My Lydia died in a fight with me. When she dies, loot her for two vials of White Raffard’s Decoction, some Alchemists’ Powder, random food, and 42 Orens. TL; DR - Lydia has my shit and I can't find her. I’ve looked in the Halls of The Dead in Whiterun AND Solitude. It’s something that’ll haunt you if you use it to do anything but fix* glitches/getting stuck/field of view. Like and Subscribe: It helps a lot! My Lydia wasn’t in the Hall of the Dead, not in Dragonsreach, but she’s alive.. She disappeared when the Stormcloaks took over Whiterun, where would she have gone or been taken to? If you buy the house Breezehome, Lydia will come with the house as a housecarl, where you can ask her to follow you. User Info: SilverIce58 SilverIce58 5 months ago 2 16. my lydia died in a dragonborn dungeon, the gatekeeper of the miraaktemple totally rekt me and lydia, i accidantly killed her with a spell, thanks for the vid. Not in dragon reach, not in my house in white run. I’ve been waiting for inheritance letter but nothing yet lol. I used the shout become etherial and somehow hit someone while I was like that and the agressed me and I accidentally hit Lydia instead of the aggressor and she died what now? You can get Lydia after completing this quest and becoming Thane of Whiterun. Only the housecarl and the thane question. Well we have a FREE news letter just for viewers like you!http://eepurl.com/kyco1.Subscribe:D:D Open this up to see more information about getting lydia back:P LIKE THIS VIDEO TELL PEOPLE!!! this is SE Exactly, so you’re f’d in the a. Directly in the corner left of the stair case after leave dragonsbreach. If she is not in your house then she died, so you will never get lydia back unless you load the game, but their are 4 other house-carls and a handful of body gaurds you can get. I noticed she went missing not that long ago and when I got married all your companions spawn for your wedding…. If you own Breezehome she should be there. 2. Well Lydia was slaughtered by a dragon and my brother had a stupid idea oF recreating her as a zombie,now she’s a pile of ash and would she still be in the Hall of the dead? All you have to do is type a quick command and that is all! I’m at a loss I did everything and no Lydia. I think I lost her in the guest you enter sky temple for the first time. How do i fix this? All Right Reserved. funny point You couldn’t find it yourself. I know lydia died but she isnt in the catacombs or dragonsreech or breeze home, anyone know what to do? For this reason, it's highly recommended that you recruit Lydia the moment you unlock her as a companion and keep her with you until you get back from Sovngarde. 2. Help please? Banished, yeeted out front, and I check, and she’s not there????SO. Why isnt gunmar at fort dawnguard after i completed the main storyline sorine is there but some reason he isnt? You cannot revive her husband or bring her sons back to life! My Lydia isnt dead but I lost her in a cave and I think she’s stuck running into a wall or something, My Lydia is not in the catacombs or in drangsreach. Rip I restarted the game so my lock picking is 18 and Lydia got stuck in a jail cell with an expert lock:(, i was in the bottom of a dungeon and i actually considered dragging her body all the way back to windhelm mainly because she had all my daderic shit and my inventory was full. I own a house waited a week can get another follower not in the hall of the dead still no Lydia. Initiate conversations with you as you progress through the main questline. I keep coming back to this video every time I play Skyrim. My lydia is dead and her or her coffin is not in the catacombs and I cant find her in dragonreach. Here are the steps to getting a follower back from the video: Steps in order. Usually your followers have a chance to recover during battle, so don’t mistakenly hit them with magic or an arrow because you will kill them. My Lydia died while I was attempting to kill Malkoran. Got Rayya to watch my house. Proving Honor is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn is tasked with recovering a fragment of the battle axe Wuuthrad. Lydia is the Godess of Skyrim. Omg i lost her she had some good stuff i needed to sell thank you so much for this vidro helped alot! She just disappeared. My Lydia died in the fight with that dark wizard in Meridia’s temple and I was so not a high enough level to fight him. I thought she couldn’t die so I was a bit traumatized haha, i left here dead in the snow when she got beat by the snow troll on the way to the greybeards.. i actually shot her by accident. Check the WhiteRun Catacombs. Gave up and headed back to the manor. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here, Hello there my fellow gamers today i bring you another episode of my Necromancer life on Skyrim Special edition.Subscribe To My Channel.http://www.youtube.com/user/EYESforGaming.Leave a Comment Below.Im on the Social Networks Foz Realz.www.facebook.com/Dragonhanx.www.instagram.com/dragonhanx.www.twitter.com/dragonhanx.i also gotz a Website.http://eyesforgaming.com, Where to Find Lydia In Skyrim when she died with no Coffin and No where to be found in skyrim. After defeating the snow elves in the Nordic-Falmer War, the remnants of the Five Hundred Companions went their separate ways to inhabit the unexplored lands of Tamriel. I searched the hall of the dead and stuff, she wasnt there, shes not at my house, shes not in Dragonsreach.. Wtf? I fucking idiot pic is not the only platform that there is for skyrim!! where would her grave be exactly? I had the same issue in a quest when I had Lydia and a temporary NPC, though in this case I accidentally hit the NPC, and she chided me for it. If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe, like and share!Outro song: The Wreckage Breaking Through. *UPDATED VERSION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgQHnjSpOqA.Hope this helpful to you guys!.Follow me on twitter! To get Lydia back, all you have to do is level Conjuration to 100, get Conjure Thrall, and then raise her body again. Want to be apart of the ELITE subscribers that receive special giveaways only for those that sign up? HELP, I NOT GET SHY BACK FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. what do i do? There really no help I don’t need them I can’t sneak when they run up an attack. No Lydia at the Cairn and when I returned to Jorrvaskr after the quest, she had disappeared. I released my unrelenting force Thuum. If she is there than she is dead..OR.Talk to another companion/follower/mecenary for hire or a free one to see if they can follow you If they can then follow the next steps to see where she could be..3. Lydia's not in whiterun. The video is on how to get lydia back but it will work for other followers. One can be found by pulling the chain found on the left side of the left hand wall, opening a passage to the chest. Left cave. Then i searched a dragon and saw somthing horrifying it was…………….. LYDIA’S ARMOUR, I accidentally killed Lydia in Riften I look in both halls of the deads and she wasn’t in either. I married aela the huntress and gave aela sexy forsworn armor and I haven’t seen her since will someone please reply. Accidentally hit her when I was tying to shoot the guards with my unrelenting force. The pile of ash did had everything I given Lydia. And I wonder is there a way to get her back? i lnow she died cause i was fighting a giant and she got smashed upward and she is not at the catacombs where could she be??? Revive? I just got beast form in the quest in the underforge. Lydia went in with me into the cave. Ok Literally just did this, I bring her back to life with no following me, but there is no option about following me. This shape-shifter can be intensely frustrating as a follower, but the payoff is well worth it. OMG THANKS. So then I went to high hrothgar (not sure if that matters) waited 24 hours, got a message that said my follower got tired of waiting, I then checked breezehome and she was there with her default Armour equipped. She’s not in Breezehome, either. Can anyone help? Now ill memorize in case it happenes, My Lydia died fighting the damned storm cloaks I vowed revenge on Ulfric on that very moment and killed him on the same day I also killed every last storm cloak and his servents. Begin the quest line to join the champions. !Steps in order..1.Check if she is still alive..2. Nothing. so I went to dragons reach a waited all day but she never came so I looked up this video watched the frist part and realized she went to my house, 8 years later…I play on ps4 and I’m new to Skyrim. I’ve had her tank giant hit while she’s in a downed state, same with dragons and attacks from myself, I was in white run. Your email address will not be published. Guards came in. I looked in my house and in dragonsreach and the catacombs I looked EVERYWHERE (all of my houses) and I can’t find her it’s been at least a week in Skyrim time. when I went into the hall of the dend or wherever in the hall of the deaday you said to go she wasn’t there, I playd the dragonborn dlc and i was in a dwemer dungon she died and i resurekted her with the spel that lets you resurekt sombody for 60 seconds and then she turnd into a Pile of Ash what shuld i doo halp. Any ideas? Outside the Windhelm gates I told Lydia to "part ways". So my Lydia died by giant’s club near Whiterun and I already took all of her stuff. How can I do this on XBox, I lost her on console so this didn’t really help tbh but she is my housecarl for my falkreath house and I don’t need her anymore so I killed her and hired another one but she didn’t spawn back like usual, I thought that this was going to be like in fallout 4 that you companions didn’t die, I felt so bad and like if I could done better to save her…. :).http://www.youtube.com/user/PodsterGaminG.I noticed a comment on my video saying how to get lydia back on xbox or ps3. 1. Read the book nearby to officially finish the quest, and harvest what she could not if you wish. That bitch. I killed mine. Bioware has confirmed that there are plans for all companions to return in one way or another, but the how and the when cannot be revealed for all of them yet. To get Lydia back, all you have to do is level Conjuration to 100, get Conjure Thrall, and then raise her body again. Though I found it to be odd to begin with that she disappeared when she was in my home and waiting to begin with.So, will this solve itself or am I shit out of luck lol, I lost Lydia at the Battle of Whiterun and I’m still searching for her PS: She probably died cuz she was on the frontline next to Galmar Stone Fist. my Lydia died when she was a little to bad at walking up stairs and she accidently fell from the throat of the world. I also lost Stenvar to a Dragon priest. Notes . I don't have a house. 2 of the cult ppl tried to kill me but the white run knights saved me as I was a luck away of death at the end I saw Lydias corpse on the floor so I went to the hall of death and I couldn’t find her can someone help, This helped me because I was married to Lydia but after the ceremony she disappeared and I couldn’t get her back. Of course she’ll be in breezehome. She went flying out of the Mountin. I kinda killed her but could i get her back by going there please answer i need to see if i can get her back before starting a new game. 1.Check if she is still alive. http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBETODAY.Buy games at over 40% off! We were in a fight and she got in the way as my ebony great sword that has absorbs live…she’s dead…R.I.P. If you can find her, and want to keep her, hit the (tilda) key, click her body, and type “resurrect” without the parenthesis. cannot find her, I cant find her either ive waited for who knows how long. Is there any way I can get her back? The guild known as The Companions have quests are reminiscent of the Fighter's Guild quests from past Elder Scrolls games, but are less generically ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I wanted to mary Aela, but I had done the whole marriage thing with Lydia like three days before, so I just fucking killed her and married Aela…, Before I continue and finish watching the whole video(I’m at 2:11) I got the messengers note that she died and 300 gold. Lydia's home is in Whiterun, in Dragon's Reach castle, or, if you've purchased it, Breezehome. Any help? I did a quest for that wizard guy in Dawnstar and noticed she didn’t come in with us, just thought she couldn’t come with me on that quest. – Talk to North: She will always be alive for this branch of the game. Oh i play on xbox 360. Concise and to the point. What happens if you commit uxoricide, then marry someone else, then resurrect your original spouse? Can somone help me? I’ve looked in the spot where she died. edit: UESP seems to … Just make sure you ask her to follow you again. After 24 hours, they will call you no matter where you are, provided you're outdoors. Two chests may be found in front of the stairs. People would eventually run out of followers because they all moved to Chicago or died by a dog. The video is on how to get lydia back but it will work for other followers. Since the consoles don’t have any console they can type in, the pc tutorial won’t work. after going on a wolfie rampage, I did the quest where you slaughter the silver hand. She died and I couldn’t even get another follower because they all say I already have one but she is gone! She was killed in the crossfire, but I never moved her body. yeah totally didnt happen for me. At the end of the winterhold archmage quest where you fight with the staff of magnus Lydia was with me and the enemy turn her into a pile of ash and that pile remains to this day. Except im using the Nintendo switch port:/ Guess I gotta reload my save, Hello im a brazillian guySo…A guy named Alexandre Ottoni or Jovem Nerd Lost his Lydia while making a vampire quest…So…If you tell me how to do it i can help him to bring her back. Responsibility disclaimer and privacy policy | Site Map, by Eliyahu Ki Ṭov, Dovid Landesman, Joyce Bennett. My Lydia died (also by Marked For Death) with tons of unique items on her and I can’t find her anywhere… now I take a long journey through the main quest line to find my beloved Lydia, Mine died because she was damaged by a dragon and I shot a fire shout at the dragon she got in the way and she got hit. If she is not dead proceed to Dragonsreach and check the main dinning area. Bruh Lydia can die? Since I haven’t killed Alduin yet, does that mean she’s stuck in Sovngarde? You can probably guess who I found waiting there for me even though I had checked the place earlier. She said "I'll be at home" as usual, so I went ahead and did the quest. No lydia. Required fields are marked *. Discussion in ‘General Skyrim Discussion’ started by GreatorGood, Apr 7, Is there any spell I can cast on dead body once they die to bring them back to life/ I seen this on youtube.. Includeing dead ones. If you are a PS3 player or Xbox player the best thing you can do is honour her death, with Thalmor blood. o Lydia (Your Housecarl, must complete “Dragon Rising” first). I did the same, doing quest with Farkas after having Lydia as a follower. Where is Lydia Skyrim Special Edition ( Xbox one ), Skyrim | HOW TO GET LYDIA BACK (Dead or Not!) she was in the bedroom sitting in the corner! The second can be found in the hallway near the front of the stairs amongst the rubble along with a bag of coins behind the left door. oh and im on the nintendo switch TOO MANY GLITCHES, I killed Hilda before in riverwood, because she stabbed me. While I did bring up the console I really reccomend that you don’t use it and just deal with the consequence if you can’t reload an older save. I lost lydia when I was fighting a frost troll at level 8 when going up to High Hrothgar for the first time. so thanks man cheers, Mine just died because of a Wisp Mother. 1.Check if she is still alive. Her body isn’t in the catacombs but I just got the chick from the bar to follow no problem! Lydia may vanish during a quest where you must leave her behind if you do not manually tell her to wait. How to make the guards to stop attacking me? Xbox 360 Bringing someone back to life? I search all suggested locations but she was not there. Went to white run. I told her to wait in an unknown cave and now I can’t find her, some say she’s still there…waiting for me to tell her to stop waiting. when i figured out they weren’t dying i ran away and the bitch wasn’t behind me. Then I fast travel with her back to breezehome, have her WAIT THERE and then leave and take care of everything so o can get serana.After I did, I get back, and again she’s not there.I’ve checked both these places you’ve said, and think maybe she’ll come back? I was on a mission with the imperials to take over a fort and Lydia was with me and I have this sword from the jarl that sets enemies on fire. Ok so I left her waiting by Accident and the game told me she left and I was like crap. Killed guards and took alll her loot and was carrying too much weight and spent 30 min dying and respawning trying to escape the guards. where about in dragons reach? I got Lakeview Manor. My Lydia was killed by a dwarven sphere…I was so sad Man. Thanks for this!

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